Rotary Eye

Keep an eye on your vision

The importance of annual eye exam goes well beyond just making sure your vision isnt blurry. To  paraphrase the well known quote “ eyes are the window to your health and body”.

As the worlds population and average life expectancy has increased so has the prevalance of visual impairement. As of 2010 the who estimated THAT 39 MILLION were blind and 246 million experienced visual impairement. Much like our ocean the world of clinical and biomediacl research is vast, fast paced and dynamic. In the last decade or so numerous advances were made that could change the tide of efforts to prevent and treat eye diseses

Children are the future

Children with blindness suffer long years of disablitiliy impacting their overall development. One of the major causes of avoidable blindness is refractive error. For adressing this issue, government of india under national programme for control of blindness has been implementing the school screening programme. In addition, presence of other ocular disese like squint, amblyopia, nutritional deficiency like vit A, infections, developmental cataract also needs to be picked up and treated at an appropriate time. Retinopathy of prematurity deserves a special mention as a condition that is seen in premature babies. A simple eye examination by an ophthalmologist will ensure your childs prosperous future  

Vision screenings are no substitute for an eye exam

Too often we think that we are seeing perfectly well because we are able to drive well or watch tv well. Occasionally none of these assumptions may be correct. Only a comprehensive eye exam by an ophthalmologist can ensure that you are free from a potentially serious eye disease that don’t have an obvious early symptoms. Some of the conditions that tend to manifest late when treatment becomes difficult include

  1. Glaucoma

The sneakiest of all the diseases wherein the eye develops high pressure and field of vision starts constricting.

  1. Diabetic retinopathy

India is set to become diabetic capital of the world and two thirds of this population are expected to develop diabetic retinopathy. A silent killer of the eye can be treated if detected early.

Other conditions which may manifest in the eye include hypertension, hypercholestrolemia, blood leukemias, certain carcinoams including breast, and collagen vascualr disorders like rheumatoid arthritis

Smartphones are the new cigarettes

Smartphone addiction sometimes colloquially known as nomophobia has fueled eye problems. Average indians spend roughly 3 hours hours gazing at the screen. Children today have also forgotten the importance of outdoor play and are more drawn towards the mobile. The first problem that children can encounter is nearsightedness or myopia which has increased dramatically in past 30 years. Exposure to natural daylight is critical to developing eyes. the second problem is eye fatigue which ocurs due to prolonged close- focus attention, worsened by the glare of the screen. Human eye is not very good at blocking the blue light which these devices emit. This blue light penetrates all the way to retina and can damage the light sensitive cell in retina causing a condition similar to macular degeneration which can cause permamnent visual loss later in life. Studies show that we tend to blink less when concentrating on the screen which in turn causes the eye to dry out. Beyond the eyes it also has an impact on the sleep.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Modern ophthalmology has refocused its practice to include cosmetic reconstructive surgery which focuses on the restoration and aesthetic procedure around the eye and surrounding areas such as forehead brow line and cheeks. Some of the procedures performed include

  1. Blepharoplasty

It is general term used to treat bags under the eye, loose skin, puffiness in lids due to fat deposits, lid drooping.

  1. Refractive surgery

A quick and painless procedure to rid you of glasses has come a long way. 

  1. Injected treatments

These include botox for treating and smothening of wrinkles and expression lines of eyes and brow the effect lasts for 4-6 months and may also be used in ophthalmic conditions like suint and blaparospasm . hyaluroinc injections have also been used for deep wrinklesarpund eyes and forehead.

With the rush of our daily lives its easy for things to slip your mind. Encouraging people to take care of their eyes as a part of their overall health could significantly reduce the risk of visual impairement and improve quality of life for millions. In conclusion “Don’t put it off schedule an eye exam today”.